Threaded/ SW/ BW Ends

In line with our commitment to precision and versatility, our Threaded/SW/BW Ends Ball Valves stand as a testament to engineering excellence. These valves seamlessly integrate into threaded, socket weld, or butt weld connections, offering uncompromised performance across a range of applications. From the standard 1-piece, 2-piece, and 3-piece body designs to specialized multiple-port and V-ported options, these valves offer both versatility and adaptability. With pressure ratings spanning 1000WOG, 2000WOG, and 3000WOG, our Threaded/SW/BW Ends Ball Valves cater to various operational requirements. Furthermore, these valves are available in high-pressure variants, boasting impressive pressure ratings of 6000WOG and 10000WOG. We also offer options compliant with NACE MR-01-75, Atex 2014/34/EU, TRD100, ISO15848-1 for low emissions, and API607 fire-safe standards, giving you the freedom to tailor your selection to the specific demands of your industry.

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