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Our Products can be made of Investment Casting, Sand Casting, and forged pipes directly. From design, drawing making, production, and sales, until after-sale service. INOX-TEK offers each client high-quality products, reliable service, good prices & on-time delivery!

INOX-TEK was established in 1996 and is a professional manufacturer in Taiwan, owning foundries of castings, machining shops, assembling lines, and offering one-stop service. Our commitments are to control production costs well and offer products of good quality and safety.
Understanding the distinctions between these two components is crucial for making informed decisions in manufacturing and plumbing industries.
Selecting the appropriate ball valve is crucial for the success of plumbing or industrial projects. This article provides an in-depth exploration of the differences among 1pc, 2pc, and 3pc ball valves, aiding readers in making informed decisions.
In conclusion, INOX-TEK's high purity valves offer a strategic investment for industries prioritizing efficiency, reliability, and product purity, revolutionizing operations and elevating productivity to new heights.
This article intricately explores the mechanics of ball valves, pivotal for sealing and flow control in various industries. From design complexities to versatile applications, it emphasizes the importance of understanding these valves for professionals and enthusiasts alike.
This guide demystifies OEM casting, highlighting its crucial role in manufacturing. INOX-TEK, with expertise, advanced technology, quality commitment, material mastery, and transparent collaboration, emerges as the ideal partner for precision and excellence in OEM casting.
In industrial applications, selecting valve materials is crucial for efficient, durable, and safe fluid control systems. WCA, WCB, and WCC are key materials. This guide explores their nuanced characteristics, delving into properties, advantages, and limitations.
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