Assembling Production Line: Fusing Perfection

With qualified castings, we respond to customers’ further demands to start assembling service for OEM or ODM valves. Here, components harmonize to become complete systems, meticulously assembled to your specifications and deliver consistent quality valves from the inside out. Every valve is tested well before shipment and we offer 3.1 material testing reports for each shipment. Our commitment to flawless assembly ensures that your OEM products not only meet but exceed your expectations.


300 Tons per month (Valves)

  • Fully Automated CNC Machines
  • Pneumatic Testing Equipment
  • Hydraulic Testing Equipment
  • Robot manipulator
  • Fiber Laser Engraving Machine
  • Machining Center
  • Assembling Machines

Stainless Steel Valves / Carbon Steel Valves / Alloy Steel Valves, Ball Valves.


ISO 9001 :2015 , PED Approval(CE) by TÜV, API 607 Fire Safe Approval, ISO15848

Assembling Flow Chart