Gained ISO 15848-1 certificate - IT-214 series

ISO 15848-1 is a type test standard for valve fugitive properties, which strictly tests the leakage of valves and packings after a certain cycle of opening and closing of valves and packings under the design limit temperature and pressure conditions.

ISO 15848-1 is a standard that specifies testing procedures for evaluating the fugitive emissions performance of industrial valves. Specifically, it focuses on valves intended for use in petroleum, petrochemical, and natural gas industries when the fluid handled is in a gaseous state and the operating temperature ranges from -29°C to 425°C.

The standard provides a framework for evaluating the ability of valves to control fugitive emissions through leakage testing. The ISO 15848-1 certification assures that a valve meets stringent criteria for limiting emissions, contributing to environmental and safety considerations in industries dealing with volatile substances.

In practical terms, obtaining ISO 15848-1 certification indicates that a valve has undergone and passed rigorous testing to ensure minimal fugitive emissions under specified conditions. This certification is particularly relevant in applications where preventing leaks and emissions is critical, such as in the oil and gas industry, where safety, environmental, and regulatory compliance are paramount.